Our Process

Step 1: We boil cow milk sourced from our verified dairy farmers
The first sanskar is where you boil the cow milk. This ensures that the milk is free from bacteria and is safe for consumption.

Step 2. We turn this milk into curd
Now curd or yogurt is made out of this Milk.  Once the Curd is set, we keep it in a cool place before the churning process.

Step 3: We churn the cow milk 
The Curd / Yogurt is then churned using a wooden churner called Bilona, while adding chilled pure water. Once the curd gets separated into Butter and Butter Milk, we get the Loni / Makkhan and the 3rd sanskar is over. 

Step 4: We separate butter from butter milk
At the end of the churning process, the loni/makkhan is separated from the buttermilk. This loni/makkhan is then used to make ghee. 

Step 5: We heat the butter until fat separates from butter as ghee
The Makkhan/Loni is now put in a stainless steel pot and heated on a medium-high flame. After the butter comes to a boil, it is left to gently boil on low flame. This process is where all the water is boiled away. Once the butter starts becoming clear and there is a visible layer of solids at the bottom of the pot the ghee is almost ready. The Ghee finally start emitting its natural aroma once it is ready.
Step 6: We bottle the ghee in sterelized glass jars
The final step is where the Golden liquid ghee is strained through a strainer into glass jars. We ensure jars are clean and dry, as water or any impurity in the jar can spoil the Ghee.