Why Cow Ghee?

Because it's a Superfood

When handmade and pure, cow ghee is a real Superfood. The Vedas call cow ghee the 'first and the most essential of all foods'. It's one of the elements of Panchamrat (पंचामृत). Because of its low melting point, Cow ghee gets easily digested by human body while giving fulfilling the essential fat requirements of human body.

Swap out cooking oil, swap in Farmsnation Cow Ghee

Say bye-bye to harmful chemicals in cooking oils.

Raving Fans

Smells so good

It's a ritual now. I only use farmsnation ghee. It tastes good and we feel healthy. I especially love the earthy aroma it leaves in the cooked food. Can't believe using anything else for cooking.

Stopped using Vegetable Oils

I switched to this ghee from vegetable oil. Thought it was healthy....lol I was so wrong. I have been using Farmsnation cow ghee for 6 months, and it smells and tastes better than popular brand ghees in the market.

100% Natural

No harmful chemicals. Good for you, good for the planet, made in India.

Good for your heart

Improves cardiovascular health

Good for your gut

Improves digestion & prevents gastrointestinal disorders

Good for your bones

Improves bone & joint health, nourishes skin & hair

Hello Omega-3

Great source of omega-3 fatty acids for better brain health

Helps in improving fertility

Improves fertility by correcting hormonal imbalances

Cow Milk only

It's a Healthy Single Origin Ghee, made from cow milk sourced mostly from women lead dairy farms

Vitamin Rich

Cow Ghee is a great source for
Vitamin A, D, E, & K

No Preservatives

Our Cow Ghee is 100% natural made of pure cow milk, and milk only

Our Ghee is perfect for you if…

- You want a healthy gut

- You want to support your nutritional needs every day

- You want to avoid using unhealthy oils

- You are looking for oil that is all natural

- You believe in Ayurveda


100% Natural and Safe

Our ghee is made from pure milk and milk only and thus is real food.